About Us

Frederick W. James MD built a successful medical career, and now has expanded his efforts into areas of both health and finance coaching and education. He teaches that life’s many opportunities are chances for personal success that are missed too often unnecessarily by many. His belief is that this awareness of being prepared for those opportunities contributed to his success of being able to complete college without debt and finish medical school with just an outstanding student loan debt of about $3,500 dollars. This accomplishment was made with only modest financial support from family who indeed wanted to do more, but lack the discretionary funds to do more.

Dr James now shares how it was done. He shares how he used the PowerSpending method to efficiently spend his personal resources in three areas time, energy, and money. He combined the PowerSpending method with a six-step model for assured success:

  1. Goal setting
  2. Opportunity recognition
  3. Information gathering
  4. Preparation
  5. Taking action
  6. Outcome assessment

Further use of these methods has resulted in success in others areas such as personal finance and health, investments, and creation of new wealth. These methods are discussed further in the book “Spend Don’t Save” How to Improve Your Financial and Physical Health by PowerSpending, author Frederick W. James, MD.

Now wanting to share these concepts with others, The PowerSpending Academy, a beacon of resources for personal discoveries, solutions, and growth was born. The Academy presents a platform for people and experts to meet, learn, and exchange information for the purpose of getting to that next higher level.

Some organization defines success by the amount of money raised or made. We define success by the number of people experiencing change in their lives with outcomes of better control of personal finances, better health, less debt, personal performances beyond expected, and living a lifestyle of self-fulfillment.

So let us know how we can help you make that next step in your life!