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Honesty & Finance
Honesty is telling the truth. We tell the truth with our words. To say something that is not true is the opposite of honesty. This includes making up stories and saying they are real when they are not.
We also tell the truth in how we act. The honest things you do are helpful to other people.
These actions say a lot about who you are as a person. If you want others to look up to you,
it is important to let your honest nature show in speech and action.
There are many reasons why honesty is important. Here are four you may want to remember.
First, honest people have easier and more fulfilling lives than dishonest people.
Sometimes, it can be hard, to tell the truth. In fact, it may seem okay to say something that sounds good
However, is not true. Have you faced a challenge like this? If so, did you learn that telling a lie makes things worse?
It is true. Being dishonest makes life hard. Telling the truth always brings reward…

The Joy of Getting What You Want …And More


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One Monday morning, on his way to school, Jimmy Woodlock spotted a cobalt blue 24-speed mountain bike, in the window of his favorite bike shop. It had fiery red flames and bright headlights for night riding.

Now, Jimmy is not just a typical boy who likes sports. He is a young boy who loves his family and always tries his best, to be honest, and responsible in every way. He was born in Georgia eleven years ago. His mother and father are Mrs. and Mr. Woodlock. He has two sisters, Emma age 10, and Paige age 9. Their family has a pet dog, and also a cat.

In his free time, Jimmy likes to read, draw, and ride bikes, but unfortunately, he does not own a bike. His father has said that rising taxes and the economy make it difficult for the family to buy a bike for Jimmy right now. So Jimmy has no other choice than to ride his sister’s bike, which he does not like to do. Some of his classmates make fun of him for riding a “girl’s” bike.

When Jimmy was looking at this particular blue bike in the shop window, he could not help but look.


PowerSpending is the strategy we will be using in Spend Don’t Save to develop the habits of sound financial health. Saving money is no longer adequate for the achievement of financial security or the accumulation of wealth. Inflation is making it more and more difficult for anyone to build financial security simply by saving. Instead, cash flow has become the method of cultivating wealth and prosperity in the new economy.

Those who develop a healthy cash flow have all the financial security that they need. Those who do not will watch their money flow toward someone who has generated a healthy cash flow. PowerSpending encourages positive cash flow by focusing spending on what will add value to your life, instead of to someone else’s.

For example, you spend time working for a salary or an hourly wage. This spending of hours to earn dollars adds more value to the employer’s life than it does to yours. It also keeps you from making money fast enough to cover expenses, invest, pay taxes, and beat inflation so that you can build wealth.
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