Youth Personal Finance Class

Financial Literacy for Youth

PowerSpending Academy sponsors classroom instructions in personal finance to young students in Southern California. The curriculum called MiddleFinance is offered to children in the 4th to 6th grades in school.

Course Description

  • Uses the Facilitator-Student model approach,
  • Introduces basic financial principles,
  • Reveal how basic math is used in daily living
  • Encourages critical thinking,
  • Involves interactive programming,
  • Integrates the hands on field experience

Major benefits are:

  • Lifetime financial knowledge,
  • Experience of good personal character,
  • “Good” cash management skills,
  • Readiness for wealth creation, and
  • Competence in creating new wealth.

The program is all about preparing the youth to use and handle money so that they can be assured of a better standard of living.
Having the right knowledge for using, handling, and managing money early in life will create the tide that raises individual boats to navigate the waters towards a higher standard of living and financial independency.
The curriculum of financial literacy for children is an important contribution to establishing acceptable standards of excellence for in youth…Learn more