Personal Cash Management

Good personal cash management can quickly increase your cash flow, your self-confidence, and better prepare you for creating new wealth. Good money management habits are:

  • Making investments a priority for your financial security
  • Having a financial plan detailing your money management approach
  • Planning your purchases
  • Using cash more for purchases
  • Avoiding the use of external credit

Financial Independence isn’t hard to achieve, requires no harder work than is required to struggle from paycheck to paycheck, and no greater intelligence than you now possess. However, it does require you to do things differently than you’re doing right now. Of the many things you can do differently in order to achieve financial independence, one of the most crucial is to have clearly defined goals.

Clearly defined financial goals can almost immediately break the worry cycle about money. Worry and fear are born out of uncertainty. Uncertainty can be relieved instantly by writing out a cash flow plan and determining how much money you’ll be spending. When the uncertainty goes, so will the worry.

While fear comes out of uncertainty, hope is born of certainty. Fear often is the barrier for not setting goals because of being afraid of failure. The point of setting and pursuing goals isn’t always just to achieve them, sometimes the greatest reward is that you build new habits, grow personally and achieve more than you would have if you’d done nothing.

Use the Simple Way, to practice good personal cash management, fight back against income worries, stop overspending, eliminate excessive debt, and remove retirement worries.

The BucketBank, a wealth manager, helps to prevent overspending, allows for easy budgeting, prepares you for new wealth creation, facilitates better learning of personal finance, simplifies goal setting, and gives purpose to loose coins and dollars. The BucketBank is very suited for teaching children good habits about money and money management…Learn more

IONMYCASH, an innovative personal cash management software application (wealth manager), uses the fundamentals of the four-bucket personal cash management system to monitor personal spending, and personal financial progress at anytime and anywhere…Learn more

Coaching, those who recognize the benefit of having a mentor’s help in personal financial matters are farther ahead than most. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced person, the wise counsel of another experienced person can be crucial to your success, and influential upon the time to achieve your intended outcome. If you are just starting out in a venture and find yourself mixed up in a complicated financial situation, or experienced and want to reevaluate where you are to start a new direction, drawing upon the talents and experience of others – mentors – can be quite rewarding for both parties…Learn more

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