Coaching/Accountability Partnering

Benefits of Financial Coaching

  • Share the pressures of finance with an accountability partner
  • Learn habits, tools, and techniques that will benefit you for life
  • Provide for your family
  • Be prepared for retirement
  • Invest confidently

This financial coaching program offers a unique set of intelligence on how one can preserve and grow wealth in challenging circumstances. This program differs from some popular finance gurus because it advocates for a system of always spending. You can become prepared for wealth in a way that is sustainable and assured. Preparation for creating wealth comes from a number of disciplines, some being knowledge of personal finances, goal setting, and understanding this system of spending.
In other words, you are coached in how to make money from doing what you already do without increasing your spending or demand on your cash flow. Good financial habits coupled with healthy living ideals will create wealthy persons in this generation and the next.

Youth Finance
Children are favored because of their potential for long life and the opportunity to compound money over a long time to create wealth. Each day that this opportunity is not acted upon, it is forever lost without possible recovery. We offer MiddleFinance, a richly illustrated, age and developmentally appropriate curriculum that brings instructions and understanding to 4th to 6th grade children in a simple way to lay an early foundation in finance for a lifetime. Children learn to avoid early financial mistakes that lead to bad habits and possibly financial crisis during adulthood. They learn to manage their personal finances despite having a heavy activity schedule now or as an adult.

Training Workshop

The MiddleFinance curriculum uses a facilitator-student model for instructions. A one day workshop is required for training of the Facilitator to teach the curriculum.


A complimentary consultation is offered to individuals and businesses in the areas of health, finance, retirement and employer-employee benefits.
Can you relate to any of the following? Give us a call even if your concern is not listed.
1. Living from paycheck to paycheck
2. Not getting ahead despite increases in income
3. Retirement planning and already retired
4. Which direction to go regarding employee benefits
5. Not enough money to invest
6. Income exceeds $ 50k, but my net worth is less than $ 250k
7. My career is going nowhere
8. I have major expenses waiting for me in the not too distant future

Speakers Network (TBA)

Expert speakers for special occasions will available fall 2014.