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Teaching Children Financial Literacy

We believe that the work to gain financial independence should start as early as birth for each child. The newborn child has two major advantages longevity and compound interest. Both of these can bring an enormous payoff in later years; therefore, we are proud to support projects bringing financial literacy to children at an early age.

The mission of the Southwest Childrens Health Center Foundation is:

“To support education and developmental training projects, directly affecting children and their environments, that use the finance and health relationship to maximally improve personal finances and net worth, personal health and standard of living”.

Join Us, in supporting an interventional program that provides 15 hours of direct teaching and field experience of finance education to children in 4th through 8th grades. The program is all about teaching children financial literacy so that they are foundationally prepared to better use and handle money assuring them of a better standard of living.

Having the right knowledge for using, handling, and, managing money early in life will be the tide that raises all boats to navigate the path towards a higher standard of living and financial independency. Learn more or…