Training Workshop

Introducing Students to a Lifestyle of Healthy Spending and Wealth Creation
Module 1 Values and Finance Show character strength in money transactions Six essential values in person to person relationships and in cash transactions. Introduce money management system Framework for interpersonal relationship (1 to 2) 45-min session(s) plus activity
Module 2 Understanding Money Introduce history and components of our currency system Define money. Study history of the US currency, a tour where the currency is made, and/or transacted. Recognition of the role and purpose of money (1) 45-minute session + Audiovisual
Module 3 Your Environment Bring awareness and cost of things existing in your environment Focus on objects in your environment, research cost, and introduce taxation, and purpose. Unique project Appreciate, respect, and acquire objects of need and want (1 to 2) 45-min session(s) plus field time
Module 4 Earning Money Introduce straightforward and practical approaches in earning and spending money Learn how to work, review getting a job, set goals, plan, and learn responsible spending Confidence, direction, and efficient use of time, energy, and money. (1 to 2) 45-min session(s) plus field time
Module 5 Managing Your Money Introduce lifetime cash management system that protects cash flow, and promotes wealth creation. Learn to use the four bucket-cash management system. Practice of good financial habits, plan for short and long-term needs and wants, (1 to 2) 45 min sessions plus special project (BucketBank)

This curriculum uses a facilitator-student model to teach a comprehensive strategy introducing financial principles, critical thinking methodology, interactive programming, and integrating hands-on field experience to acquire the following key benefits:

  • primary lifetime financial knowledge
  • good personal character,
  • cash management skills,
  • readiness for wealth creation,
  • competence in creating new wealth

Become a Facilitator and participate in the movement to raise financial literacy levels in children as early as possible. You can help to prevent the mountain of debt from student loans and improper use of credit that burden our youth too soon and for too long during their productive years.

Become certified for the MiddleFinance curriculum in a one-day workshop.

Personal finance curricula updates for youth and adults are available periodically.

This curriculum is a significant contribution to establishing standards of excellence for financial literacy levels in children.


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